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Dell Laptop Service Center in Annanagar

Dell laptop Adamo Desire

Dell's Adamo’s laptop is the latest addition to the laptop market for the business user, student or home user. The Adamo’s Desire is no difference to class and style, perhaps the BMW of laptops. The Desire comes with a screen of a small 13.4 inches & 16:9 High Definition resolution display.

Besides being thin and lightweight, the Desire can be customized to provide the individual inadequacy. However, the standards provide enough elasticity to satisfy or best expectations of normal usage. The full-size keyboard has not been sacrificed and the backlighting aids the traveler on extended trips. The addition of a 1.3-megapixel camera & the digital microphone is a feature that brings out the clarity & presents proper sound for these teleconferences from the hotel or business center.

Communications and External Ports

The Passion delivers on functionality to external monitors for the business user or professor at the local college. The Adamo arrives with 3 USB, 1 eSATA combo, Audio output, and RJ-45 on the rear of the case. This allows for simple setup and teardown from conferences or meetings. Further external devices, such as USB port, storage drives, and printers can continue to the abilities of the Adamo.

The information devices implemented on Dell’s Desire allows for the user to log onto the internet in various fashions, depending on the surroundings. If the user goes downtown for a cup of coffee, they can grasp a wireless signal or manage the Mobile Broadband card (5530 HSPA Mini Card for AT&T) or sync with the Bluetooth for clearer responses. The Intel® 5300 WLAN 802.11n (3x3) Mini Card for the Adamo Desire has the ability to handle the most exacting network requirements for the user. Up to 2x higher range allowed by 3x3 802.11n implementations including 3 spatial streams and up to 450 Mbps of Bandwidth based on the theoretical apex bandwidth approved by 3x3 802.11n implementations with 3 spatial streams in succession with a 3 spatial stream Access Point.

The proper quality so drives the networking capabilities of the Adamo Desire is the Gigabyte (10/100/1000). The networking card is combined onto the motherboard that issues an open PCI slot for a several device. The RJ-45 or Ethernet adapter is used for wired devices like as a modem, router, switch or other relevant equipment.


One essential quality for a laptop is the basic memory, without it, the applications will not load accurately. This Dell laptop features a 4GB 800MHz DDR3 Memory system that is still fresh to the market. DDR3 systems provide quicker data transfer costs of software & request inputs from the user. This means that the CPU can process requests from the memory chips at a normal cost. The power consumption of these units is lower than the DDR2 & DDR chips.

Intel Core2 Duo SL9600 is the heartbeat of the Desire; this processor is very nice for the capabilities it offers. The external cache operates up to 3 megabytes in the secondary storage; that enables the data to be transferred faster to the CPU.

Memory & Hard Drive

The demand of multitasking with clients & multimedia projects are very rigid on processor time and memory.

Dell Adamo Desire is a 256 Solid State Hard Drive, Its standard the hard drive.

The solid state technology has been practiced for digital storage media since 2007. It was actually used for caching photos for digital cameras but it looks to get new homes in the external hard drive market, flash drives & immediately in the laptop & desktop markets. The unique appeal of the drive is the peacefulness, no changing parts, lower temperature output & quicker data transfer speeds from and to the drive.

Dell Adamo does offer a set to the appropriate user and business professional. The standard equipment may not be enough to provide each taste out there. Dell has set on the market a new standard for others to follow. The utter elegance and characteristic of the Desire make for a great laptop for several years to come. Even with the shortcomings on the processor, overzealous use of networking card & the solid state hard drive cost factor. The overall appeal and functionality of that laptop are separately above level on the market now.

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Dell Laptop Service Center in Annanagar
Dell Laptop Service Center in Annanagar
Dell Laptop Service Center in Annanagar

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